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Wings Over Waukesha will not be hosting a 2016 Airshow.
The Commemorative Air Force will be hosting “Gathering of Warbirds” August 27 2016 at Waukesha Airport.

Due to the runway reconstruction
Wings Over Waukesha did not have a 2015 Airshow.

Wings Over Waukesha 2014
Honored Women in Aviation.

Wings over Waukesha 2014 Air Show featured top national aerobatics acts, including two female pilots. With only a handful of female aerobatic pilots in the world, Waukesha was fortunate to host International Award Winning – Patty Wagstaff and Susan Dacy.

In addition to the aerobatics acts, there were War-bird flight demonstrations featuring a Mig-17, and the EAA had its B-17 “Aluminum Overcast” at the show offering rides and ground tours.

The show grounds were filled with activity this year, with expanded educational seminars including how to get involved with Honor Flight. The Boy Scouts were back with their scuba diving tank, as one of many fun activities in the Kids Zone. Military reenactors also served as a living museum, demonstrating what it was like for military heroes who served our country during past world conflicts.

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Wings over Waukesha, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting aviation, education, and honoring aviation history. Proceeds are reinvested in the annual event, which also benefits local non-profit organizations that participate and sell food and merchandise to raise funds for aviation education scholarships, vintage aircraft restoration and other military and aviation related efforts.

Patty Wagstaff
Susan Dacy
Patty Wagstaff speaking to Girl Scouts
Patty Wagstaff and Susan Dacy