How to Choosing Toys for dogs

Most people may argue that it is not essential to buy toys for your pet especially a dog. This is because they’re resourceful and as such they can play with almost anything. However, keep in mind that anything could include your favorite leather couch, your shoes and at times your bed. So if you would like to keep your stuff intact and unshredded, it is safer to buy the pet some toys. However due to the many inventions in this field, it could also get a bit tricky but not if you have the right information before hand so here goes

Dogs that love to chew

The simplest way to get the most appropriate toys for dogs is to get something that it can relate to what it likes most. If your dog loves to chew, then rope toys and bone hard toys could be the best option. If the dog is an aggressive chewer some more durable toys like those made of rubber are an ideal buy. There are also a variety of other toys that you could buy depending on how much your dog loves chewing. For older dogs, buy smooth toys made out of latex or vinyl especially because of their sensitive teeth.


So your dog chases after everything including its own tail that it never seems to catch? Well here are some toys for him too that are bound to keep it busy for ages. Toys that fly or bounce randomly are the best. These will give your dog some much needed exercise while at the same time ensuring that you don’t get tired. The fly disc is a particularly good buy in this category.

Carriers and cuddlers

Coincidentally, he doesn’t like to run around in a complete mayhem or sit in a corner and chew at the feet of your couch but he like bringing stuff to you in his mouth and loves cuddling. Well, worry not there are toys for that too. In this case you should choose toys that are soft and preferably made out of fleece or plush fabric. The best thing is that the more they play with these types of toys, the more they smell familiar to them allowing the dog to play with them over a long period. Furthermore, they double up as a good option when the dog is in the mood for some snuggling.

Does it like rewards?

Some dog breeds would do just about anything as long as you will reward it so how about some toys that can keep it occupied and off your leg and dragging at the sleeves of your trousers when you need to get some work done. Interactive toys like balls or a variety of other hollow shaped toys are great. You can feel these with treats from where the dog can go fishing for the treats. Just as you would love to see your child engaged in some constructive activity and having fun, this is the same experience and feeling that you will have watching your dog having some fun.

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