Which Dog Is Best For A Pet

Are you wondering which dog is best for a pet? If so, then continue reading the rest of this article to find out which one is the best, as well as why it is the best. By the end of this article, you will know which dog makes a great pet.

Which Dog Is Best For A Pet?

The answer to this question depends on a lot of different things, but in general you want to have a well-balance dog. This means you want a dog that is relatively easy to train, not aggressive unless it has to protect you and/or your family, is good around other animals, as well as other things. This is why you should consider getting a Golden Retriever as a pet. Keep reading to find out what makes the Golden Retriever the perfect dog to own as a pet.


One of the reasons why Golden Retrievers make great pets is because of their size. They are not tiny dogs, nor are they very large dogs. They are considered to be medium sized dogs, which some people prefer because they may find it difficult to control a bigger dog, and they may not feel comfortable having a large dog near their kids. Some people also prefer medium sized dogs over small ones because they do want to have that feeling of security if something bad were to happen and they would want their dog to protect them.


When it comes to adapting to their surroundings, the Golden Retriever can adapt rather quickly. In other words, a Golden Retriever will likely adapt to your home’s environment with ease. Having a dog that easily adapts to its environment is important because you want your dog to be as comfortable as possible in your home. Also, you might take some vacations and want to bring your pet along. The last thing you want is to bring your dog and for them to not adapt to their temporary environment. This could lead them to misbehave.


Golden Retrievers tend to be quite easy to train and they can learn tricks pretty fast. If you are looking for a dog that you can train without putting in a lot of effort, then look no further than a Golden Retriever. If you have kids, then having a dog that can easily be train is important because they may want to hold the leash when you take it for a walk. The last thing you want is for your pet to not obey commands and to run off.


If you have kids, then it is important to get a dog that is friendly and not aggressive unless it needs to be. The Golden Retriever is a very friendly breed of dog, and they tend to make excellent family pets. However, they do know when to protect their family, which means they make excellent guard dogs too. Golden Retrievers tend to know when to be aggressive and when not to be.

Get Along With Other Animals

When it comes to choosing a pet dog, it is important for them to get along with other animals or at least be very tolerate of them. This is even the case if you don’t have other pets in your household because if you take your dog for a walk, then you might come across other people walking their dogs. You want your dog to be behaved around other animals, and this is another reason why you should consider getting a Golden Retriever for a pet. If you do have other pets, then a Golden Retriever is an ideal dog to have, because the chances of them getting along with the other animals are very good.


A good dog will be quite playful, and Golden Retrievers are very playful. They tend to have a lot of energy, but not an overwhelming amount of energy. You and your family will love how playful a Golden Retriever can be at times.


As you can see, a Golden Retriever makes a great pet to own. If you are interested in getting a pet that is family friendly, easy to train, as well as possess a lot of other positive traits, then you should get yourself a Golden Retriever.


We always lift dogs to the most coveted position as “Man’s best friend.” We trust them with just about everything in our lives; from our safety, the stuff in our homes, and even our children, so it makes sense that we would want our best friend to be as super-smart as possible. These are ten of the smartest dog breeds in the world. No, their political banter isn’t the best, but isn’t that a good thing?

Dog intelligence, much like humans, is measured in a variety of different forms. Some dogs are easier to train than others, while other dogs tend to retain the information given to them by their masters for much longer. Neuropsychologist Stanley Coren, PhD is in many ways the definitive voice on dog intelligence. The research for his book “The Intelligence of Dogs,” stands out and is a fantastic guide to finding the smartest of our four-footed friends.

So let’s chew into the 10 smartest dog breeds in the world!

10.From the land-down-under comes our first dog, the bright and ever-ready Australian Cattle Dog.

Anyone who has encountered an Australian Cattle dog instantly knows how energetic this breed is. It’s impossible to discount the amount of tasks these dogs were originally bred for; including but not limited to herding cattle, guarding homesteads and even helping rear and heard children! However, their intense independence can make it hard to train them for someone whom they don’t respect or view as their “owner.”

9.Rottweilers fall next on our list.

A large breed of dog filled with power and extremely versatile, the Rottweiler has one of the most unfair portrays in our media today. Smart and fast learners they are suited for doing an array of tasks including being fantastic dogs for therapy as well as police work, and herding.

8.While the first two breeds on our list may not fit into your studio apartment, the Papillon is perfect for tight space living! Energetic, always seeking affection and happy this small breed of dog is very happy learning new tricks and showing off to your friends everywhere!

7.Labrador Retrievers are a favorite in the service industry for their calm and even tempers.

They are easily trainable, and love to work with people! They are the most owned breed of dog among registered owners in several countries around the world. Labs vary from the yellow to the chocolate and black lab coat colors and all have around the same temperament.

6.“Shelties” or Shetland Sheepdogs are wonderful companion dogs.

Ranging from small to medium in size, these dogs are long haired and exceptionally smart. Shelties were originally called “Rough Collies” before their names were changed to the Shetland Sheepdog referring to the dogs used on the Shetland Isles for herding sheep. Always eager to please, Shelties make great companions.

5.Doberman Pinschers are smart and athletic dogs.

They excel as guard dogs and are on number five of the Stanley Coren list of most intelligent dogs. However, a study in 1985 by Hart and Hart had Dobermans ranked number one in intelligence due to their ability to problem solve and react to situations. The quick reactions of the Doberman breed make them excellent police dogs.

4.Another fantastic guide and assistant dog is the Golden Retriever.

These dogs are always eager to please their owners and are often used in search-and-rescue operations. Bred originally as a hunting dog, they owe their name “retriever” from their ability to retrieve downed game, returning it to their owners unharmed. They are loyal but are generally friendly towards people not familiar to them as well as their owners.

3.The second most popular dog breed in the United States, the German Shepherd is also the world’s leading guard, police and military dog.

They are able to learn and interpret commands and tasks better than many other large breeds of dogs and are amazingly loyal dogs. Like many other large breeds, German Shepherds were originally bred for herding, but their train-ability and friendliness towards people pushed them into the hearts and homes of people around the world.

2.PoodleAgile, obedient and great trackers Poodles are exceptionally smart dogs.

A German breed originally used for retrieving objects from the water Poodles are very train-able and excel at performing tricks. Poodles are very active and can get bored easily. The constant need to be active can sometimes get them into trouble while they look for anything to keep them entertained.

1.Border Collies are the workaholic of the dog world. They were bred as the world’s best sheepherders.

They are exceptionally intelligent and obedient, and are top competitors in many dog athletic events. Border Collies require copious amounts of physical exercise and mental stimulation daily. Their intelligence leads them to develop neurotic behaviors in households that cannot keep them mentally stimulated. However, their amazing loyalty and obedience coupled with their ability to learn make them great companions for anyone looking for a wonderful pet!



Tired of hearing someone calling his or her dog and a string of seven names coming out of their mouths? Or maybe, you want to be someone who finds a name for their pet that stands out from the crowd. Either way this list is for you! Check out the most popular dog names  and see if you’d like your next four-footed friend to match up with the masses or have something more personal!

Let’s take a look at the VPI Pet Insurances top 10 dog names As always, you can see tons of popular influence and media creeping into our dog list this year again. Twilight finished its saga with Breaking Dawn Part 2 and both dog and human child names reflected the popularity. Surprisingly, of the top two children’s names, only Sophie made it onto the list.

  1. Sophie: the top baby-girl name  just made it into the dog name list! French in origin, Sophie means wisdom.
  2. Shortened from Margaret, Maggie hits this year’s list at number nine. With its most popular reference coming from Rod Stewart’s “Maggie Mae,” it’s safe to assume people are choosing it for its reference to Pearl, and sadly dropping one spot from last year.
  3. Not much of a shocker in the pet name world, Buddy hits our list a number eight, however, falling two spots from number six last year. Buddy is synonymous for friend and American in origin.
  4. This year’s biggest move up the chart goes to Charlie, moving two places from number nine. Short for Charles meaning strong and manly, Charlie also means “Free Man.”
  5. Moving up, from number seven last year, is Daisy. Daisy does and has always meant the same as the flower, but also means the Day’s eye or works for sunshine!
  6. Irish in origin Molly is  fifth most popular dog name. Molly means “of the Sea” and is the Irish form of the name Mary.
  7. With still so many popular references, the name Lucy appears at number four on our list. The name Lucy meaning light bursts in popularity from not only the Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” but the “I Love Lucy” TV show staring Lucille Ball.
  8. Meaning “A trusted guardian of others property,” it’s easy to see why Bailey would make it onto this year’s list again only falling one spot from number two last year.
  9. Our number two spot this year goes to Max. Max has always been a popular dog name through the years and is still at number two on our overall dog name list. Latin in origin and meaning literally large spring, it can be short for Maxwell or Maximilian, which would be the historical way of staying “trendy” but breaking from the crowd.
  10. Finally, our number one spot this year goes to the female dog name Bella. Bella means beautiful and of course, you’d want to name your wonderful new friend after how cute they are! Looking at it from a pop-culture standpoint Isabella has been among the top five baby-girl names peaking at number one.

American Bulldog vs. American Cocker Spaniel Which is Best?

American Bulldog – One of the most attractive dogs

American Bulldog and Pit bull looks almost the same on first glance because of the many physical similarities they both possess. This is mainly because the two dogs evolved from the same bulldog breeds of England. Although they are both very aggressive they were raised and taught to be people-friendly. These dogs are very patient and earnest especially during their trainings. They are very smart and can learn almost everything.

But the similarities end there. For one, American Bulldog are breed while Pit bulls are not. They are much taller and bigger than pit bulls and they can grow as tall as a horse from the ground to highest part of the shoulder. The average weight is 60 to 120 pounds and height is 21 up to 27 inches. The male bulldog weighs heavier than the female ones. Pit bulls are more stockier than bulldogs which is leaner.This strong-looking dog has a very large head and is muscularly built.

With colors which is mostly white, the bulldogs usually have patches of red or black but nowadays, their colors are more varied. These breeds are more sociable and active dogs. They have a highly emotional personality and require no high level of attention.


They maybe slightly aloof with strangers but strongly bonds with their owners. These dogs are very confident and are more likely to succeed in trainings. They can tolerate children too especially when exposed to early training and socialization. Although originally breed as a working farm utility dog working around cattle and boars and guarding property, the American bulldog suffers no discrimination that is why this dog can be a very lovable family pet.

Short History

The first American bulldogs came from England as the first South American settlers are immigrants from the west England during the Civil War between Royalists and Parliaments that happen before 1835. They were preserved as working farm dogs, they were not an actual breed in the past but just an ordinary bulldog type.

Life Span the American Bulldog usually lives between 10 to 16 years, physically they are strong and very active. Their health problems are usually kidney and thyroid disorders which are often found on their genetic lines. The bulldog can be both friendly and aggressive. This will depend on how early you as owner have trained the dog. So do not spoil your bulldog. Vaccination and regular visit to your vet will ensure its immunity against disease, so it’s a must. Plus feeding your dog with high grade dog food will make sure it lives longer.

American Cocker Spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel is a type of gun dog that originated in North America. Their average size is approximately 15 inches and weighs around 12.7 kilograms. Originally they were bred for hunting, tracking and watch dog during the 14th century but in the 19th century the demand for a smaller version of the English Cocker Spaniel came about which gave way to the American Cocker Spaniel. Nowadays this breed is considered to be the most popular in America with the title of being the smallest of the gun dogs.

Physical Characteristics, Distinguish Behavior and Temperament

The American Cocker Spaniel is very small. It is very delicate with a distinctively soft and gentle mouth and a round head. Its coat is medium in length yet thick enough and very soft. Their fur comes in many colors and requires daily grooming. These small dogs are known for their agility and patience. They are smart so training is very easy.

They have a happy disposition and they always want to please their owners that is why they are very loyal, obedient when it comes to following commands. Although they have very gentle nature this type of dog can be stubborn at times.The American Spaniel was originally bred from an English Cocker Spaniel trying to produce a smaller version at that time that will be used for game birds. Its silky soft fur is the most noticeable feature of this dog. Now named as Americas most popular and friendly domestic pet.

Despite many variations this dog still possess its original hunting streak and great love of toys. Spaniels are prone to both ear and eye disorders which can be easily prevented by regular visits to your vets.

Life span of this dog takes as long as 15 years. The American Cocker Spaniel has the English Cocker Spaniel for its ancestor. Originally, the only difference between these two is their size but over the years, they began to learn and acquire many different traits and behavior listing them as different breed in 1945.

If you are a pet lover with kids at home to consider, this one may be your perfect choice. Aside from the fact that its very small and cuddly, this dog is very affectionate and friendly. Feeding it with the right and nutritious food and training it early makes this dog a perfect companion for kids at home.