Tired of hearing someone calling his or her dog and a string of seven names coming out of their mouths? Or maybe, you want to be someone who finds a name for their pet that stands out from the crowd. Either way this list is for you! Check out the most popular dog names  and see if you’d like your next four-footed friend to match up with the masses or have something more personal!

Let’s take a look at the VPI Pet Insurances top 10 dog names As always, you can see tons of popular influence and media creeping into our dog list this year again. Twilight finished its saga with Breaking Dawn Part 2 and both dog and human child names reflected the popularity. Surprisingly, of the top two children’s names, only Sophie made it onto the list.

  1. Sophie: the top baby-girl name  just made it into the dog name list! French in origin, Sophie means wisdom.
  2. Shortened from Margaret, Maggie hits this year’s list at number nine. With its most popular reference coming from Rod Stewart’s “Maggie Mae,” it’s safe to assume people are choosing it for its reference to Pearl, and sadly dropping one spot from last year.
  3. Not much of a shocker in the pet name world, Buddy hits our list a number eight, however, falling two spots from number six last year. Buddy is synonymous for friend and American in origin.
  4. This year’s biggest move up the chart goes to Charlie, moving two places from number nine. Short for Charles meaning strong and manly, Charlie also means “Free Man.”
  5. Moving up, from number seven last year, is Daisy. Daisy does and has always meant the same as the flower, but also means the Day’s eye or works for sunshine!
  6. Irish in origin Molly is  fifth most popular dog name. Molly means “of the Sea” and is the Irish form of the name Mary.
  7. With still so many popular references, the name Lucy appears at number four on our list. The name Lucy meaning light bursts in popularity from not only the Beatles song “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” but the “I Love Lucy” TV show staring Lucille Ball.
  8. Meaning “A trusted guardian of others property,” it’s easy to see why Bailey would make it onto this year’s list again only falling one spot from number two last year.
  9. Our number two spot this year goes to Max. Max has always been a popular dog name through the years and is still at number two on our overall dog name list. Latin in origin and meaning literally large spring, it can be short for Maxwell or Maximilian, which would be the historical way of staying “trendy” but breaking from the crowd.
  10. Finally, our number one spot this year goes to the female dog name Bella. Bella means beautiful and of course, you’d want to name your wonderful new friend after how cute they are! Looking at it from a pop-culture standpoint Isabella has been among the top five baby-girl names peaking at number one.
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