American Bulldog vs. American Cocker Spaniel Which is Best?

American Bulldog – One of the most attractive dogs

American Bulldog and Pit bull looks almost the same on first glance because of the many physical similarities they both possess. This is mainly because the two dogs evolved from the same bulldog breeds of England. Although they are both very aggressive they were raised and taught to be people-friendly. These dogs are very patient and earnest especially during their trainings. They are very smart and can learn almost everything.

But the similarities end there. For one, American Bulldog are breed while Pit bulls are not. They are much taller and bigger than pit bulls and they can grow as tall as a horse from the ground to highest part of the shoulder. The average weight is 60 to 120 pounds and height is 21 up to 27 inches. The male bulldog weighs heavier than the female ones. Pit bulls are more stockier than bulldogs which is leaner.This strong-looking dog has a very large head and is muscularly built.

With colors which is mostly white, the bulldogs usually have patches of red or black but nowadays, their colors are more varied. These breeds are more sociable and active dogs. They have a highly emotional personality and require no high level of attention.


They maybe slightly aloof with strangers but strongly bonds with their owners. These dogs are very confident and are more likely to succeed in trainings. They can tolerate children too especially when exposed to early training and socialization. Although originally breed as a working farm utility dog working around cattle and boars and guarding property, the American bulldog suffers no discrimination that is why this dog can be a very lovable family pet.

Short History

The first American bulldogs came from England as the first South American settlers are immigrants from the west England during the Civil War between Royalists and Parliaments that happen before 1835. They were preserved as working farm dogs, they were not an actual breed in the past but just an ordinary bulldog type.

Life Span the American Bulldog usually lives between 10 to 16 years, physically they are strong and very active. Their health problems are usually kidney and thyroid disorders which are often found on their genetic lines. The bulldog can be both friendly and aggressive. This will depend on how early you as owner have trained the dog. So do not spoil your bulldog. Vaccination and regular visit to your vet will ensure its immunity against disease, so it’s a must. Plus feeding your dog with high grade dog food will make sure it lives longer.

American Cocker Spaniel

The American Cocker Spaniel is a type of gun dog that originated in North America. Their average size is approximately 15 inches and weighs around 12.7 kilograms. Originally they were bred for hunting, tracking and watch dog during the 14th century but in the 19th century the demand for a smaller version of the English Cocker Spaniel came about which gave way to the American Cocker Spaniel. Nowadays this breed is considered to be the most popular in America with the title of being the smallest of the gun dogs.

Physical Characteristics, Distinguish Behavior and Temperament

The American Cocker Spaniel is very small. It is very delicate with a distinctively soft and gentle mouth and a round head. Its coat is medium in length yet thick enough and very soft. Their fur comes in many colors and requires daily grooming. These small dogs are known for their agility and patience. They are smart so training is very easy.

They have a happy disposition and they always want to please their owners that is why they are very loyal, obedient when it comes to following commands. Although they have very gentle nature this type of dog can be stubborn at times.The American Spaniel was originally bred from an English Cocker Spaniel trying to produce a smaller version at that time that will be used for game birds. Its silky soft fur is the most noticeable feature of this dog. Now named as Americas most popular and friendly domestic pet.

Despite many variations this dog still possess its original hunting streak and great love of toys. Spaniels are prone to both ear and eye disorders which can be easily prevented by regular visits to your vets.

Life span of this dog takes as long as 15 years. The American Cocker Spaniel has the English Cocker Spaniel for its ancestor. Originally, the only difference between these two is their size but over the years, they began to learn and acquire many different traits and behavior listing them as different breed in 1945.

If you are a pet lover with kids at home to consider, this one may be your perfect choice. Aside from the fact that its very small and cuddly, this dog is very affectionate and friendly. Feeding it with the right and nutritious food and training it early makes this dog a perfect companion for kids at home.

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