I am a bit nuts about dogs- I find they add so much to my life and consistently provide me with material to laugh about and share with my readers.

They inspire me too in so many ways. My dogs are always there for me and they need me too, so there’s a lovely exchange of give and take that I really enjoy.

My life has been filled with dogs and the memory of the ones I have lost along the way remind me of how important they were to me when they were in my life.

As a child and teenager, our family dog, Punkie, cheered me up when I cried over various boyfriend dramas and the usual teenage angst…there was always Punkie there, licking my salty tears away when I needed her to love.

Before our daughter was born fourteen years into our marriage, our Cocker Spaniel Ophelia comforted us during the trying years when we so desperately tried to have children and failed. We experienced so many sad disappointments and losses in the years prior to the birth of our daughter, and she was always there to love us along the way. We had Ophelia for 13 1/2 wonderful years and I still think of her often.

After my daughter was old enough and we felt dogs would be safe around her poking and prodding fingers, we brought our Cocker/Cavalier mix, Guinevere into our lives.

Five years ago, we decided to add a second dog into our household after we had a lot of “close-call” dog adoptions from dogs we rescued off the Pinellas Trail and almost didn’t find their families.

Every time I’d find a dog running loose on the trail or near our home, I felt compelled to bring it to safety and search for its family. Sometimes we would have a dog here for a week or so until we found them through our network of local contacts at the Humane Society and SPCA and local volunteers from the shelters, but we were always successful. Meanwhile, we’d get a bit attached, thinking about keeping them if there families weren’t found.

Obviously, this is not the ideal way to adopt a dog, so I campaigned within my small family to search for just the right dog and conscientiously add them to our pack, rather than wait for a happy accident that might not turn out so happily.

We set out searching for an English Springer Spaniel after reading about their traits, coupled with our well-known love of spaniels throughout the years. We ended up contacting English Springer Rescue America and applied to be an adoptive family.

Through the process of learning about choosing the right dog for our family and our successful adoption of our Springer Spaniel, Sofie, I was led to start a website, and Wings Over Waukesha was born.

Two days before Christmas 2014, a male Pug walked into our garage and the happy accident that we were trying to avoid ended up changing our family once again. Rocky’s family was moving and were looking for a home for him, and my daughter was pug-crazy so we adopted him and re-named him Otis. Fortunately this happy accident turned out very well for the whole family.

Over the years, our family of dogs has kept growing and so have my love of writing about them.

I also write a monthly newsletter about dogs and am getting ready to help my daughter create a website about dogs this summer.

I hope you’ll subscribe to Wings Over Waukesha, sign up for my newsletter, comment on my posts here in the blog, and visit my sites. I’d love to hear about your dogs too.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing that you’re as big of a fan of dogs as I am.

Celebrate dogs!