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Wings over Waukesha will feature some of the best aerobatics performers in the country, including John Mohr, Mike Vaknin Extra 300 aerobatics, Greg Koontz Comedy Routine, and Gene Soucy and Teresa Stokes Wing Walking Aerobatics!. World War II and contemporary military aircraft will also perform, along with sky divers and much more!

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Boeing B-17 ‘Flying Fortress’
Owner: EAA
History: The Boeing B-17 “Flying Fortress” is a World War II bomber used primarily in Europe, participated in countless missions from bases in England. These missions often lasted for more than eight hours and struck at targets deep within enemy territory. Because of their long-range capability, formations of B-17s often flew into battle with no fighter escort, relying on their own defensive capabilities to insure a successful mission.
Grumman G-164 Ag Cat “Show Cat”
Owner: Gene Soucy
Gene Soucy is one of the most well-respected and proficient airshow pilots in American aviation. He is a former member of the record-setting Eagles Aerobatic Flight Team, he has been a member of two World Champion U.S. Aerobatic Teams, and he has won more awards than any other active airshow pilot.
John Mohr in his Stearman John Mohr
With over 25,000 hours of flying experience (that’s more than two years of his life spent in the air) John Mohr is one of the most talented and excitingpilots on the airshow circuit! He performs extremely difficult maneuvers in a meticulously restored 1943 stock 220 Stearman bi-plane which is not only an aircraft that weighs twice as much as today’s aerobatic planes but also uses only half the horsepower!
T28 Trogen North American T28C “Trojan”
Owner: Scott McLain, East Troy WI
History: Navy Carrier Qualifying Trainer, T28s were used by the Navy from 1949-1988 After making over 500 carrier landings, this T28C was taken by the CIA overseas to fight the rebels. It has over 1000 hours of actual combat time shooting, bombing and taking fire. (It took 8 bullet holes on a mission in 1964.)
AT-6 Formation North American T6/Harvard
Owner: Vic Stottlemyer
History: Advanced Trainer, Flying formation, gunnery, bombing training. Trained more allied pilots in WW2 than any other aircraft.Used by a number of countries in the ground attack/FAC role. Delivered to the RCAF Dec 1951. In service until 1965. Painted in it’s exact RCAF colors and markings.
Beechccraft T-34 Mentor Beechcraft T-34 “Mentor”
History: The T-34 Mentor is the brainchild of Walter Beech, who developed it as the Beechcraft Model 45 private venture at a time when there was no defense budget for a new trainer model. Beech hoped to sell it as an economical alternative to the North American T-6 Texan, then in use by all services of the U.S. military.
P51 "Mustage" Formation North American P-51D Mustang
History: One of the most effective, famous and beautiful fighter aircraft of WWII, the P-51 was designed to fulfill a British requirement dated April 1940. Because of the rapidly-mounting clouds of war in Europe, the UK asked North American Aircraft to design and build a new fighter in only 120 days. The first Merlin-engine versions appeared in 1943 with the P-51B, of which 1,988 were built in Inglewood, California, and the P-51C, of which 1,750 were built in Dallas, Texas. In the last 40 years, surplus Mustangs have been modified and used extensively as civilian air racers, but the latest trend is for private owners to restore them to almost perfect, historically-accurate condition.
Lockheed T-33 Lockheed T-33 “Shooting Star” aka “T-Bird”
Owner: Paul Keppeler
History: The T-33 was the most widely used jet trainer in the world. A two-seat version of the USAF’s first jet fighter, the F-80 Shooting Star, the T-33 continues to serve in various armed forces today.
Nanchang CJ-6A Nanchang CJ-6A
Owner: Charlie Nelson
History: The Nanchang CJ-6A is the primary trainer for the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army Air Force, and has been since 1960. It is powered by a Huosai 285hp 9 cylinder radial engine with supercharger and is fully aerobatic rated (plus 6, negative 3g’s). It has inverted gull wings and all major systems: starter, gear, flaps, brakes are all pneumatically (air) driven.
Michael Vaknin
Michael’s passion for flight started at the age of 18, as a paratrooper, and later as an airborne instructor. In his 4 years of service, Michael has performed hundreds of static line jumps, sky-dives from C-130′s, DC-3′s and more! Passion for aviation led Michael to take flying lessons and earn his commercial pilot and flight instructor certificates. Instructing at local flight schools Michael logged hundreds of hours helping new pilots achieve their goals in aviation.