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2011 Highlights

Wind Over Waukesha 2011 was a great success and was enjoyed by all in attendance!  The acrobatic lineup featured some of the best aerobatics performers in the country, including Jim ‘Fang’ Maroney Super Chipmunk aerobatics, John Mohr Stearman barnstorming aerobatics, Dave Dacy-Tony Kazian wingwalking, and Dr Bill Blank Super Decathlon aerobatics.

Members of the Sky Knights Sports Parachute Club demonstration team glide through the air during Wings over Waukesha, Saturday Aug. 27 held at Crites Field
Decathlon: Dr. Bill Blank Dr. Bill Blank
Bill is a senior AME and retired Ophthalmologist. He began flying aerobatics 34 years ago when he took a 10-hour aerobatic course from airshow pilot, Pete Meyers and has been teaching aerobatics for 29 years. He began flying airshows in 1987 and obtained a level 1 surface waiver in 1989. He has flown in over 160 airshows and given over 1400 hrs. of aerobatic flight instruction mostly in Decathlons. Bill has over 5000 hours total time and 3700 in a Decathlon. He holds an ASEL. MEL, and SES ratings and also has COMM and CFII ratings.
 John Mohr in his Stearman John Mohr
With over 25,000 hours of flying experience (that’s more than two years of his life spent in the air) John Mohr is one of the most talented and excitingpilots on the airshow circuit! He performs extremely difficult maneuvers in a meticulously restored 1943 stock 220 Stearman bi-plane which is not only an aircraft that weighs twice as much as today’s aerobatic planes but also uses only half the horsepower!
Dave Dacy & Tony Kazian
Whether performing a solo aerobatic routine, or with wingwalker, Tony Kazian, ‘on board’, the Super Stearman brings to crowd center the thrill, excitement, smoke and noise of true airshow entertainment! In a low level, aggressive aerobatic display of barnstorming maneuvers Dave Dacy’s self-styled routine in the Super Stearman continues to be a ‘front page’ story, captivating the attention of event attendees, sponsors and media alike. The incredible talents and capabilities of two highly skilled professionals come together as Dave Dacy and Tony Kazian present a tremendous aerobatic wingwalking performance that is ‘second to none’.
Maroney Jim “Fang” Maroney
Jim’s airshow routine is filled with thrilling maneuvers and precision flying! In the ‘Super’ Chipmunk, Jim provides spectacular aerobatic entertainment in a style that is exciting…in an aircraft that is legendary.With a degree in aeronautical & mechanical engineering and an impressive military flying career (Jim recently retired as an F-16 pilot with the North Dakota Air National Guard), Jim has had a lifelong love of aviation!Watching Jim perform in the Super Chipmunk, you will see the skills first-hand that made Jim a ‘Top Gun!’
WWII  B25 Mitchell B-25 Mitchell ‘Yankee Warrior’
Owner:Yankee Air Museum
History: The “Yankee Warrior” is one of only two flying WWII B-25D’s and one of the very few aircraft with documented combat history. This aircraft served in the Mediterranean theater, completing eight (8) combat missions over Italy, Sicily, and Corsica before being turned over to the RCAF for use as a trainer. This aircraft was delivered to the Army Air Corps (AAC) Dec. 17, 1943 and flew as “ELLEN E. & SON” with the 12th AAC part of the 57th Bomb Wing, 340th Bombardment Squadron Group in the 489th Bomb Squadron. Donated to the Yankee Air Museum in 1986, it will be selling rides at Wings Over Waukesha! For more information and to book your once in a lifetime flight, call Jerry at (517)404-1061. www.yankeeairmuseum.org


Fairchild PT26 “Cornell”
Owner: Commemorative Air Force, Wisconsin wing
History: The Fairchild PT-26 was a primary trainer used by the RCAF (Royal Canadian Air Force) during WWII. The aircraft is owned and operated by the Commemorative Air Force’s Wisconsin Wing and is based here at the Waukesha County Airport. It was built in 1942 by Fleet Aircraft of Canada under license from Fairchild Aircraft and was based in Assiniboia, Sask, Canada where it helped to train RCAF cadets until the end of the war. The CAF Wisconsin Wing acquired it in 2008 and since then it has won four awards up at EAA AirVenture including: Best Primary Trainer, A ‘Silver Wrench’ Award for restoration,A Judge’s Choice Award and a Preservation Award.